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Saturday, January 16, 2010

We need a new vehicle...

Why hypermarket?

Once, we went to the nearest shop, then we went to the nearest mini market. In the mid 80’s, we started to go to the supermarket. In the new millennium, shopping at hypermarket becomes a phenomenon. People start to go to hypermarket as it is cheaper there most of the time. Even the groceries shop owners go to hypermarket. (

If we have 10 thousand members at any given place, say Kinta district in Perak and each member spend only RM 200.00 each month at our own hypermarket (KO-KITA Hypermarket), we already have RM 2 million sales a month. If the profit margin is 5% alone, we already have RM 100,000 profit a month. In a year, we already have RM 1.2 million in profit a year.

If the member have only RM 100.00 share each in the KO-KITA, 10,000 members will actually contribute RM 1 million in share for the business. Surprisingly, RM 1.2 million profits is actually a 120% return for the investment.

If only we have 10 branches in Perak, we would have profit of RM 12 million a year. And if we have 100 branches through out Malaysia, the profit will be RM 120 million a year. That is only based on hypermarket business alone. What about the construction and other businesses that we have?

Hemodialisis center is also one of our businesses. Each center will actually contribute roughly RM 10,000.00 every month. If we have 100 centers, it contributes another extra RM 1 million a year. We just go to the basic business that we create for KO-KITA. A few other business that we can create are multi level car park, library system for schools, websites for schools, budget hotels and rest houses, car and motorcycle sales and financing, houses and buildings contractors, houses and buildings sales and financing, day care centers for children and senior citizen, and we actually have a long list on how to make the money for KO-KITA.

What do we need is for you to support us and become a member. Let us make the changes today for the benefit of our future generations.

Tun Mahathir once said he failed. He failed to change the people through politics, let us not fail again through economic revolution. Malay Dilemma by Tun Mahathir and Revolusi Mental by Tan Sri Senu Abdul Rahman are two books to be read so that we will understand more on our situation today. On implementation, both were done by the government. By Revolusi Mental, that’s how we get our education system today, and by Malay Dilemma, that’s how we get our economic today.

Today, we need a new vehicle. Those days we have rockets to travel to the moon, today we have space shuttles. Times change, people change and so does method and doing things. KO-KITA is the vehicle now, and let us ride together to reach the destination…

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