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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I’m back and back on track...

Alhamdulillah, I’m back and back on track, continue to serve the people. Let the by gone be by gone and looking forward for a better tomorrow.

Just before i was hospitalized, a few month actually, back in December 2008, i was busy with a baby called Koperasi Kinta Utama Perak Berhad.

The idea of the koperasi is actually very simple, to gain economically as we work together. There is a long list of what we can do to make it happened ( as listed in my blog. The first move is to have our own hemodialysis center. We already have a verbal agreement with Majlis Agama Islam dan Adat Melayu Perak that they will send 30 of their sponsored patients in kinta to us as a start. Second, we already have our own CIDB building contractor license, and we move on from there…

One of the biggest idea of this koperasi is to have our own hypermarket. In order to have one, we need at least to have 6,000 members. and for this reason, I really need your helping hands, my friends. Its not just going to be a hypermarket actually, I would rather call it a KOKITA Station where most of the things are centered there. A hypermarket, day care center for children and senior citizen, hemodialysis center, hotel and rest house, motor vehicle sales and financing, housing and building developement, the one ringgit clinic or even hospitals with minimum charges.

How it works… very simple, we need at least 6,000 members in any given area, as for now is daerah kinta in perak, where I’m staying and where we are going to start the long journey…

It is a fact that most of us going to hypermarket for our monthly needs for its cheaper there. I go to TESCO, some of us go to Giant and so on. If only we have our own hypermarket, I believe, all of us will go there. not only because its cheaper, but its ours. And at the end of financial year, we will also get the bonus and dividend. Say if we have RM 10,000 shares, at the end of the year or before hari raya, we can shop up to RM 1,000 free of charge at our own hypermarket as bonus and dividend for us – considering 1% set aside each month for this purpose.

How to get the RM 10,000 share…? we try to make it as simple as possible, we can creat a loan or advance by the koperasi for the members, and the best part is, we the koperasi will offer the facility to our member at interest free - advance RM 10,000 and the members only have to pay back RM 10,000 to the koperasi.

We wont stop there, we will also sell cars at RM 30,000 for example and the members will also pay only RM 30,000.00. so will the houses or shop lots or buildings, if the price is RM 160,000, we will only need to pay RM 160,000 because we are our own builder and contractor. No more interest to pay, and we will be free from riba.

If all this can happened in daerah kinta, can it happen in teluk intan or even in kuala lumpur or will it happen to each district in Malaysia? If it happened in Malaysia, can it spill over to the neghbouring country or at least our muslim brothers and sisters country…?

Dear friends, I need all the support and help that I can get to make all these to happen. I cannot do it alone. We are not talking about thousands or millions to make all these to come true. We just need a minimum out of us for the benefit of our future generations…

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