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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Time Is Running Short…

To date, the number of Koperasi Kinta Utama Perak Berhad members is still below par, way below par to be exact. We need at least 6,000 members by end of May, so that we can start our own hypermarket. In other word, introducer fee of RM 25.00 for each new member recruited is not working. Though it is actually not bad, since a member who introduce a new member will be paid RM 25.00, so introduce 100 new members will actually earn the member RM 2,500.00. If religiously a member introduces 100 new members each month, then it will be a not bad monthly income for him. And if only 50 members doing this in this two month, we will actually get the 6,000 members by May!

Unfortunately, that is not what happens. RM 25.00 is actually nothing today. Some even finish it while breakfast!

If only we offer loan RM 10,000.00 to member who recruits new members, I think many will join! So now, we are offering the loan. RM 10,000.00 loans to members who recruit new members. To make it more interesting, this loan is actually has no interest, borrow RM 10,000.00, and pay back RM 10,000.00 in 40 month! That will make a RM 250.00 installment. Not so expensive I guess. And it is more Islamic! No more RIBA!

There is no trick here, just an Islamic way. As the member helps us to grow the koperasi in numbers, so we help the member financially with a loan at interest free. We need more to participate. We need each one of you actually! And this is not really a loan like any other loans; this is actually a fund to help the members. Please contact us for more information!