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Monday, January 11, 2010

As I was in the hospital...

Alhamdulillah... i survived, when i opened my eyes, the first question was, "kat mana ni yang?". and my wife explained that i was in the hospital. "since when?" "three weeks" she replied. "jamal is coming" she added. and then i was lost again... by noon i opened my eyes and asked my wife, "mana jamal, kata nak datang?". then i was lost again... in the evening, when jamal was there... i greeted him and then, all i remember was sitting on the bed the next morning waiting for the doctor to come! i was very eager to be discharged... then I don’t know how, i was home and I remember greeting my father in law as he came with my children, khairina and farhana. I was still lost since I can hardly stood up on my feet. Two days I was on the wheel chair. clueless of what had happened and the memory was on and off. there were a lot of questions that I cannot answer… I was lost then and felt frustrated for there were a lot of things that I cannot do and remember. my feelings was mixed up and most of the time, there were tears in my eyes now and then… i never give up though…

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