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Monday, January 18, 2010

Our Way…

Tun Mahathir used to say and sing, my way. I like to say, its our way. When I was younger, people used to say that ustaz will teach you the religious way and teacher will teach you the academic way, two different ways. Are there really two ways, or there are actually many ways?

But, a long time ago, I learned that islam is actually a way of life. There is actually teaching in every aspect of life. The two basic principles are halal and haram - the do and don’t.

When the answer is suppose to be yes or no, may be is actually not applicable. Always go back to basic, basic needs. Food, clothes, shelter, rides, etc. some even put money as basic needs. Before we go further, halal and haram that I’m talking about here is in the eyes of a muslim.

Halal doesn’t need logo halal to be halal and haram doesn’t need a logo haram to be recognize. But the logo halal should actually help us to easily distinguish the two. Anyway guide line is clear. So, basically we can always use the very basic knowledge to differentiate the two. For example, anything to do with gambling is never halal. Riba is never halal. Some people have the wrong idea of halal and haram. Some thought that anything that is prepared by a muslim is halal. Is liquor prepared by a muslim halal?

The formula of halal and haram is actually as follow:

hl = halal, hr = haram

hl + hl = hl, hl + hr = hr, hr + hr = hr

When we talk about riba, the basic concept is, rice with rice, the different is riba, money with money, the different is riba. So, if we borrowed RM 10.00 and the repayment is RM 10.10, the RM 0.10 is riba. And some even have the idea that, if the profit margin, when it is too high, then we call it riba too. Anyway, as I said before, we just go back to basic.

On the other hand, sale and purchase is actually halal. But what about sale and purchase of stolen goods? Anyway, let us just focus on the transaction of halal things.

Say one buy a house at the price of RM 50,000.00. A bank finance the purchase, and the person end up paying RM 75,000.00 after 20 years. The difference of RM 25,000.00 is actually a riba.

Is there anyway that we can buy a house at interest free today? The answer is yes, buy it cash!

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