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Saturday, January 16, 2010

RM 200.00 is actually too much...

Back in the 70’s, I brought 20 sen to school. Today, some children even bring RM 20.00 to school. The different is only 40 years, and that is actually the value of ringgit today. If we have RM 200.00 today, not much that we can do, astro bill is already RM 100.00, electric bill is at least RM 50.00, phone bill will come up to another RM 50.00 and so on. In short, RM 200.00 is actually a small amount for an investment now a day.

But money is still money. Though some of us think that RM 200.00 is a small amount, to some of us, RM 200.00 is hard to earn. And today, it is actually very hard for one to save RM 200.00 monthly. Too many bills to settled, too many needs to be fulfilled and left us negative in our monthly account. Some have credit cards to back this shortage and some have monthly payments to settle to the banks. All these tie us up so that RM 200.00 is actually too much to be set aside as a saving.

What can RM 200.00 actually help you, the Malaysian and KO-KITA?

It will make you the member of KO-KITA and KO-KITA has one more new member. As I wrote before, KO-KITA needs at least 6,000 members in order to have its own hypermarket. KO-KITA needs the number soon as we need to be the first koperasi to make this hypermarket happen.

If, the KO-KITA hypermarket comes true, then…

As I wrote before, we try to make it as simple as possible, we can creat a loan or advance by the koperasi for the members to buy KO-KITA shares, and the best part is, we the koperasi will offer the facility to our member at interest free - advance RM 10,000.00 and the members only have to pay back RM 10,000 to the koperasi. Say if the loan is RM 10,000.00, divide by 5 years, it will come to RM 2,000.00 a year to be settled or RM 166.67 as monthly repayment. So, if the member has RM 10,000 shares, at the end of the year or before hari raya, he or she can shop up to RM 1,200.00 free of charge at the hypermarket as bonus and dividend - assuming 1% is set aside each month for this purpose.

As the first KO-KITA hypermarket come true, we will expand our membership and our operation through out Malaysia with the same concept. Then all Malaysian will get the benefit. We are our own brand and we shop at our own place. And the journey continues…

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