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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What do we get...

To date, we already have 138 members. Compared to Tuesday, February 2, 2010, there were 135 of us. Not much different but its moving. As I wrote before, our goal is at least 10,000 members by June!

Why the membership grows very slow? I don’t really have the answer. I only have 103 days before June. We actually started in November 2008; I started the blog on Monday, January 11, 2010. Before the blog, There were 110 members, so after the blog, we had additional of 25 members.

On average, before the blog, we have 8.46 members per month, after the blog, 20.27 members per month. So if the trend continues, we will only have 181 members by end of May! That is far from 10,000 members that I need by June. Allah, please help me…

I need 10,000 members not to win an election. I need them so that we can start a hypermarket. I need them so that we can move faster. I need them so that we can start our journey for a better economy. I’m not doing this for myself. I’m doing this for us.

As I was surfing the net last night, I just found out that my Ansara alumni had also formed a koperasi, named KOPERASI ANAK SAINS MARA BERHAD (ASMARA).

ASMARA membership is open to the following:

Ex-students of MRSM
Teaching staff and Ex-teaching staff of MRSM
Staff and Ex-staff of MRSM
Family members of the above categories


An initial minimum subscription of RM 1,000 will apply for all memberships. Additional subscription is allowed to a maximum of 20% of the total paid up subscription of the Koperasi. This will be a running total which keeps changing as members increase.

A monthly fee ('Yuran') of RM 50, paid quarterly in advance, which will be treated as additional shares and thus entitled to dividend.

A once off processing fee (‘Fi Masuk’) of RM 50 for every application approved.

The very first payment due on application for membership will be a minimum of RM 1,200.00.

Koperasi Kinta Utama Perak Berhad is actually open to everybody, but at the moment we will start everything in Kinta, a district in the State of Perak. And we start small.

I’m not going to promise a million ringgit return for the investment, and I don’t ask for much though, only RM 200.00, RM 100.00 for whole life membership (fi masuk), and another RM 100.00 for the minimum share. That’s all. No monthly maintenance, no monthly fees and no hidden cost!

May be, if only I asked for a minimum investment RM 10,000.00 and promised a monthly return of at least 10% a month, then people will be rushing to join Koperasi Kinta Utama Perak Berhad!

And again, read my lips, and mark my words, I can never promise things like that! We are not a quick rich scheme; we are far from a scam. We are a koperasi! And we have our own way of doing things.

Why hypermarket? As I wrote before, once, we went to the nearest shop, and then we went to the nearest mini market. In the mid 80’s, we started to go to the supermarket. In the new millennium, shopping at hypermarket becomes a phenomenon. People start to go to hypermarket as it is cheaper there most of the time. Even the groceries shop owners go to hypermarket. (

If we have 10 thousand members at any given place, say Kinta district in Perak and each member spend only RM 200.00 each month at our own hypermarket (KO-KITA Hypermarket), we already have RM 2 million sales a month. If the profit margin is 5% alone, we already have RM 100,000 profit a month. In a year, we already have RM 1.2 million in profit a year.
If the member have only RM 100.00 share each in the koperasi, 10,000 members will actually contribute RM 1 million in share for the business. Surprisingly, RM 1.2 million profits is actually a 120% return for the investment.

If only we have 10 branches in Perak, we would have profit of RM 12 million a year. And if we have 100 branches throughout Malaysia, the profit will be RM 120 million a year.

We need to start with a hypermarket. Then only we will have the members to support us. Then we will have the profit for members. Then we grow from there.

Some people ask me, what do we get if we join and introduce new members? My answer is actually simple and straight, you will get RM 25.00 as an introducer! Well, may be RM 25.00 is not much, but if you introduce 1,000 members, you will actually get RM 25,000.00! That is actually the least that we can give to members who actually help us to get to our goal, 10,000 members!

What if the hypermarket will take some time to take off? Yes, to get the members will actually take some time, and to get the license for hypermarket will take another. To build the building will also need some time and to run the hypermarket is actually another. But we just get the members first!

How much do we actually have if we really get the 10,000 members? We actually have RM 2,000,000.00 (two million). If RM 250,000.00 goes to members who introduce new members and another RM 250,000.00 spent on other expenses, we still have a fund of RM 1.5 million.

If we can have one of the parking lot for hospitals project, and we will actually get at least one, the cost is actually around RM 1 million only. It will be a multi-stories car park, 7 stories at least. Ground floor will be a 24 hours restaurant or a fast-food restaurant (a Mc Donald, may be), first floor will be offices or clinics. 2nd to 6th floor will be the parking, and the 7th floor will budget hotels - for the people.

If the question, how can we make it so cheap? (The building cost) We are actually our own building contractor!

If we don’t want to run our own restaurant, we can actually rent it out for at least RM 15,000.00 a month. The first floor rental will be at least RM 10,000.00 a month. The 5 floor parking lot, with a minimum charge per entry, may be RM 1.50, 70 lots per floor and with the assumption of 2 entries per lot per day will actually contribute an income of RM 1,050.00 each day, and that is RM 31,500.00 monthly of income. Well now, if you can see, we actually can have an income of RM 56,500.00 a month and in a year we will actually get RM 672,000.00.

If only we can distribute 30% as dividend the following year, the sum will be RM 201,600.00 and if divided to the 10,000 members equally, it is actually a 20.16% return of investment a year!

After 10 years, if only we keep 30% as saving a year (RM 201,600.00), we will actually have a capital of RM 2,016,000.00! Nobody lose and everybody happy! The journey continues…

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