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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Way of doing things...

Berlin wall fall, so did the New York World Trade Centre (WTC). We are actually very much in need of an alternative vehicle and way of doing things.

“On average, households living in urban areas spent 1.5 times more than households living in rural areas. Average consumer spending stands at RM 1,943.00 per month in the urban areas and RM 1,270.00 per month in the rural areas”. “Malaysians spend a high percentage of their household income on food, groceries and personal care items, ranking third out of the ten major economies in the Asia-Pacific region (excl. Japan). According to ACNielsen, Malaysians on average spent RM 505.00 per month on food and groceries, with just under half of that on fresh food like meat, fruits and vegetables”. (

So, we should start here, food, groceries and personal care. Though there are actually other basic needs that are also important, we will look into it one by one later. Whenever we talk about food, groceries and personal care, we actually talk about hypermarket. Everything is actually there. So that is why we need to start one, everyone need it, the only question is how to start.

We need you to start; we need 10,000 of you to start. As I am writing this, there are already 135 of us. As I wrote before, we need 10,000 of us to make the hypermarket to come true. We are actually short of 9,865 in number. I need all the help that I can to make this happen. I’m not Tun Mahathir who has millions of followers or a singer who have many fans, but I need all the help that I can get to make this hypermarket to come true. It is not just for me, it is actually for all of us!

As quoted, “Malaysians on average spent RM 505.00 per month on food and groceries”. It is not a mistake that I choose Kinta as the place for us to start. The population age 15 and above is actually around 770,000. We only need 10,000 members to start everything. Surprisingly, that is only 1.29 % of the population in Kinta. Let us work together to make this happen.

With RM 505 average spent per month on food and groceries, 10,000 members will actually contribute RM 5,050,000.00 sales for our hypermarket. If the profit margin is only 2%, we can actually make RM 101,000.00 a month. In a year we will make RM 1,212,000.00. How much each one of us will get at the end of the year? RM 121.20!

RM 121.20 is actually not much but the ratio to the investment of RM 100.00 as the basic share of each of us, that is actually 121.20% return of investment!

As I was having tea earlier tonight with my friend Salleh, he told me that he doesn’t have enough money for his work. He told me that there is actually a lot of work waiting and he missed most of it, just because he doesn’t have the money. Salleh is actually a typical Malay aged 46 doing construction and building maintenance work. Bla, bla, bla…, he was complaining. I carefully listened to him and most of the time I was smiling.

Wonder and annoyed, Salleh asked me why I was smiling. I asked him if he knows why he misses most of the job and he again replied, “No money!” I told him that actually money is not a real problem. The real problem is actually he doesn’t have the CIDB or PKK license and, in most cases, all the companies that offer him the job actually ask him for the license. When he fails to come up with one, the companies give the job to someone else.

“We the koperasi actually have the CIDB license, why don’t you use our license? After all, you are one of the members” I added. “If you don’t have the money, the koperasi can finance you. And when the payment comes, it will go to the koperasi’s account. The koperasi will charge you 10% of the total amount and take back the advance given to you and you take the profit, end of story” I said. He nodded most of the time and promised to work with me the next time he gets a project.

Everyone have their own dreams. Each one of us will try our best not to share the profits with anyone else. But the fact is, we are not alone in this world and most of the time, we need others to help us to reach our goal and I need you to help us by becoming the koperasi member to make the hypermarket comes true. The journey continues…

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