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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Anybody Can, No Free Ride...

Anybody can be the member of Koperasi Kinta Utama Perak Berhad, provided that they have an address in Kinta, at least for now before our operation area grows.

I really need the members now... I need at least 6,000 of you...

As I was having teh ais at the usual mamak shop, Kalpaka, at midnight, I met a new friend from USJ. He was talking about a new business that is going to boom soon. They will launch the product by April and they are going to be big. Not just Malaysia, they are going abroad. China is one of their destinations, the biggest ready market. I really like his idea, but all I have in my mind right now is the baby, Koperasi Kinta Utama Perak Berhad, how to make it moves and how make it big for all of us.

There is no free ride. As I prepared the paper to make this koperasi happened, everything had been considered. One of the vital part is nobody works for free. Today, even to pee in the public toilet we have to pay RM 0.30. So, for those who introduced a new member will get paid. RM 25.00 for each new member introduced. Not much, but enough I guess.

If only one introduce a new member, we will pay them RM 25.00. Not much but if one have 10 new members, he will get RM 250.00 and his membership fee and the minimum share will actually paid off with a profit of RM 50.00. Everyone wants a free membership, so now, I am giving them one, plus 25% profit!

That is how we are giving the free membership and minimum share. We need to earn it! No free Ride.

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