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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Poor People...

1. The worst people to serve are the poor people.

2. Give them free - They think it's a trap.

3. Tell them it's a small investment - They'll say can't earn much.

4. Tell them to come in big - They'll say no money.

5. Tell them try new things - They'll say no experience.

6. Tell them it's traditional business - They'll say hard to.

7. Tell them it's a new business model - They'll say it's MLM.

8. Tell them to run a shop - they'll say no freedom.

9. Tell them to run a new business - They'll say no expertise.

10. They do have something in comman - They love to ask google - Listen to friends who are as hopeless as them.

11. They think more than a university professor - And do less than a blind man.

12. Just ask them, what can they do - They won't be able to answer you.

13. My conclusion - Instead of your heart beats faster - Why not you just act a bit faster.

14. Instead of just thinking about it - Why not do something about it.

15. Poor people fail because of one common behaviour - Their whole life is about waiting.

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