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Friday, February 27, 2015

If You Are Making The Sale...

1. Prospecting - The process that makes people aware of your existance. And they should know where to find you. If they become friends, that will make you closer but not necessary they will buy from you!

2. Presentation - You have to find the right time to make the presentation of what you have to offer else it will only goes to the drain. The best time to make the presentation is when they ask for it, you will have all their attentions. Most probably they will digest it all!

3. Handling Objection - After they have heard it all, it's time for them to ask question. If there is no question, its either they understand it all or they don't at all! Answer all question precisely... All the small yes will make a bigger YES.

4. Closing - Wait for them to give the YES. When they give you the big YES, you must quickly seal it. With payment and papers. Don't wait too long. As you don't wait for too long when they are ready to be kissed. As kissing, if too early, you will get a slap, if too late they will shy away. As simple as that!

5. Delivery/Implementation - It has to be done as promise. If there is any delay, acknowledge them before hand. A happy client will become repeat client and a good referrer...

6. After Sales Services - Visit the customer from time to time even if there is no complain. Satisfied customer is a good referrer...

7. Repeat sale/Referral - From every happy and satisfied customer comes repeat sales and referred customer. And the cycle continues...

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